Our Story

We think that work should be fun and interesting and that competent quarry professionals shouldn't be planning their operations the same way as they did thirty years ago.

We also think life is too short to work for people who don't want to be helped or who we don't enjoy the company of - integrity is important to us and we value it highly.

Most of all we believe that the following quote sums up our thinking about our business and yours.

"The electric light did not come from the continuous improvement of the candle" (Oren Harari)

Adopting new thinking and smart systems we have come up with a range of integrated services and systems that really change how you operate and free up your time to spend time adding greater value to your business (and increasing your leisure time too).

Based in Brisbane, Australia, we work with people like you from around the world, in countries such as the USA, France, India and many others.

A proud Deswik and KillerBee software partner, we work hard to make your life easier!

Our Management Team

Paul Soden (Business Development Manager)-1

Paul Soden

Business Development Manager

A stalwart of the Australian quarry industry for more than 40 years, Paul has been a key part of the team in shaping and bringing our unique services to market.


Steve Franklin

Chief Executive Officer

Steve is Founder, CEO and Principal Consultant. With more than 30 years experience working in operations, management and technical roles around the world, he provides a wide range of experience to client projects.

Brad Seib (Technical Manager)

Brad Seib

Technical Manager

Brad is a RPEQ qualified mining engineer with experience second to none when it comes to quarry design and scheduling. Highly competent (and often very funny), Brad overseas our technical delivery.