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The Digital Quarry service is comprised of a number of the following elements (click on the orange links to find out more):

  1. A thorough literature review of the site to collect all known geomining data to produce a detailed 3D Visualise model of the site suitable for use by and communication with all stakeholders.
  2. Drone surveys used to provide fast, accurate and timely 3D models of site to better understand inventory in the quarry and in stockpile (where you already have such a system we work with what you have in place).
  3. A geotechnical risk assessment to determine what can be expected in the next twelve months and with recommendations as to how to best manage what is found.
  4. Face mapping of the quarry faces to ensure that what is being seen in the quarry feeds into a geological model review to ensure that what is predicted to be extracted is what is there to be extracted.
  5. The quarry design is updated and corrected as needed to provide a safe, productive platform to work from in line with company and industry best practices.
  6. A detailed long term quarry extraction schedule is created to allow effective “what-if” analysis of different quarrying options.
  7. A rolling quarterly quarry development plan lays out all the important safety, environmental and operational requirements necessary to effectively operate the site and contains a reconciliation of actual results versus planned results.
  8. High precision GPS survey equipment (accurate to 0.5m) is provided to ensure that local personnel are able to pick-up points for communication with our technical team and also receive designs directly on the survey device for them to lay out in the field - this ensures that ramp, benches and other features will be put in the correct locations.
  9. In conjunction with the scheduling system, an inventory management system ensures there is an accurate picture as to what stock is available and when.
  10. Ongoing technical support is provided as needed to ensure continuity.

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