A single source of truth

There's nothing worse than trying to work with a bunch of paper plans, all in different scales and impossible to overlay one on top of the other when you are trying to plan, let alone having to determine distances and volumes using a scale ruler and calculator.

Once you have a drone platform such as Trimble Stratus (powered by Propeller) or DroneDeploy,  you can leverage this to build a Digital Twin that can add significant value to your operations.

Once this system is setup, stakeholders can access and overlay the data they need to see and  download it as appropriate ensuring a "single source of truth" for all geospatial data.

What is included in the service

What you can add depends on the amount of data you have available, but could include:

  • Pit designs
  • Dump designs
  • Water catchment analysis and stormwater modelling
  • Thickness of overburden
  • Location of exploration drill holes
  • Geological boundaries
  • Material types by bench
  • Services
  • Cadastral boundaries
  • Extraction boundaries
  • Drone flight plans

In general, anything can be added to ensure that you have everything in one place and consistent access to data.

Best Practice Tip

We have tried many different drone platforms and GIS systems. Our experience is that Trimble Stratus/Propeller is the best of these at the moment, followed by DroneDeploy.

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