We fly

Whether it's a simple stockpile survey or a whole site (no matter how difficult the terrain is), we've got you covered.

We were early to the use of drones to survey quarries. Thankfully it's a lot easier than when we started.

We fly DJI P4R drones capable of terrain following flights to optimise image quality on steep and deep sites. We can upload data to your platform of choice or process it internally.

If you have a flight that has lost RTK lock, we can fix it for you and process the corrected data.

We are also able to conduct vertical wall mapping flights to provide a perfect, high accuracy 3D model and textured surface suitable for face inspections and geological or geotechnical mapping.

Services we offer

  • Stockpile flights
  • Whole of site flights
  • Detailed 3D wall scanning for geotechnical and geological mapping
  • Fixing flights that have lost RTK lock
  • Quality checking of drone data sets
  • Custom processing of data
  • Management of your Propeller, Trimble Stratus or DroneDeploy platform
  • Helping you set up your own drone program

Best Practice Tip

Once you get used to the value a drone can bring, you'll want to be flying one yourself. We provide custom made drone systems that include everything you need to get in the air.

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