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Drones are useful for providing low cost, accurate survey that can be used to determine stockpile volumes, but anyone who has bought a drone and tried to figure out how to do this themselves will tell you that there is "a bit to know".

Between getting yourself licenced with CASA, setting up SWP/SWMS, learning how to set out ground control for accuracy and choosing a drone platform (e.g. Propeller, Trimble Stratus, DroneDeploy etc.) it can be a mind boggling exercise. That's where we come in.

While you can get us to fly your site for you, our preference is always to set you up with your own drone program. We have years of experience in setting up high accuracy, company-wide drone programs. We know what equipment you need, how to configure it and how to get you going.

Best of all, we can also support you remotely in the field if you get into trouble.

What's included in the service

  • Recommendations on the best drone for your application (we currently like the DJI Phantom 4 RTK)
  • Recommendations on the best drone platform for your application (we currently like Trimble Stratus/Propeller)
  • A fully configured drone and accessories system tailored to your needs
  • A custom made hard case that stands up to the rough and tumble of site use
  • Drone software with advanced logging and monitoring functionality
  • A data SIM for the drone to allow connection to our cloud based services
  • Ground control established and documented
  • Help with obtaining the required CASA licencing
  • Example of SWP/SWMS for you to create your own
  • Flight plans created and documented
  • Training for your pilots in how to use the drone
  • Remote access to the drone to provide secure, effective support (we can see your screen and take control of the device to help you)
  • Access to our Knowledge Base to help you to get the best out of the system

Best Practice Tip

A lot of drone cases we see require you to take the propellers off the drone to put it in the case - this is real nuisance in the field.

We custom design our cases to allow the drone to stay fully rigged - easy to take out and fly and put back in the case after you have finished.

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