Making sure the walls stay put...

This is the third element of our Quarry Support service.

Ensuring that there is a clear understanding of the geotechnical risk inherent in your operations is vital and as such we conduct annual reviews to identify any potential issues that might arise over the next twelve months.

Many companies have geotechnical management plans/guidelines in one form or another and we adhere to these requirements where known.

What is included in the service

At the start of the assignment and thereafter, annually, we conduct:

  1. A literature review of known geotechnical and geological information.
  2. A one (1) day face mapping and field assessment of the quarry.
  3. One (1) day of reporting and updating of the fault and joint model .
  4. Clear recommendations as to where problem joints and faults might occur and how best to counter them.

What is not included (but can be supplied at additional cost)

  1. Geotechnical drilling programs.
  2. Installation of geotechnical monitoring devices.
  3. Slope stability monitoring and rock fall event analysis.
  4. Advanced slope stability assessment using tools such as Slide etc.
  5. Geotechnical work beyond the two days allowed.

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Best Practice Tip - Geotech

Have a ground control management plan (GCMP) in place to help manage the geotechnical risk on your site.

Keep it up to date through regular inspections and updates conducted by a licensed geotechnical professional.

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