Empower your operators

If you have a practical quarry design, it makes sense to extract exactly against that plan.

Over-digging can result in face stability issues, rough floors and excavation outside of extraction boundaries.

Under-digging can result in valuable material being left behind or too much material left on the floor (and who wants to pay to drill & blast it a second time).

A GPS Rover is definitely a step towards solving this problem, but a more effective way is to fit machine guidance to loading tools and dozers. This enables your operator see exactly where they are in relation to design and dig accordingly.

Services we offer

  • Advice on machine guidance system selection and implementation
  • Advice on whether to use a correction system (e.g. Trimble VRSnow) or a UHF type Base station
  • Base station configuration and installation
  • Operator and supervisor training
  • Design creation and conversion
  • Remote support, configuration and design management

Best Practice Tip

Ensuring that you have the right designs on each machine can be challenging! Especially if you need to rely on someone to add the designs from a USB key and remember to delete the old designs - systems to manage this remotely can make a big difference.

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