Strategies for lasting change


Sustainability is increasingly the focus of funders, boards and the community alike. Increased cost of capital and public concern expressed against companies without a clear sustainability path are becoming more common by the day and there is an ever increasing demand not only for results, but to ensure that companies have an actionable plan and verifiable results.

Sustainability improvement through digital transformation is not only possible, but can also pay for itself. Further, we believe it is vital that we upskill existing quarry professionals on these new technologies and attract and train the generation that will follow them.

Sustainability Improvement

Our experience is that it is one thing to target sustainability improvement, it's quite another to work out how to achieve it and ensure that targets are met.

Key technologies such as resource optimisation, quarry operating plans and operational performance management systems underpinned by digital transformation techniques provide stakeholders with actionable insights that result in Scope 1 and Scope 2 CO2 reduction.

Digital Transformation

Fundamental technological changes in how quarry geological, geotechnical, design, scheduling, stock and market data are collected and analysed are making a profound difference to how quarries are planned and run.

We have created an integrated  quarry technical planning and management system consisting of all the workflows, data structures, software and hardware needed to make quarry sustainability improvement a reality.

Creating the next generation of quarry professionals

As our industry moves towards the zero carbon quarry, companies will either need to create their own digital transformation and upskill their employees or bring in external assistance to "supercharge the process".

Attracting good technical staff will result in competing for already scarce resources with both the mining and construction industries is important. Both these industries are already on the front foot in terms of digital transformation and our industry will need to compete with them by presenting a compelling reason to do so. 

We work with companies to not only bring these skills to them directly, but also to upskill their employees and carry out Knowledge Transfer. Experience shows that this substantially increases employee engagement and improves retention, not to mention the attendant improvements to sustainability and profitability.

Our Approach

  1. Sustainability Improvement through resource optimisation, effective planning and monitoring performance using operational performance systems to provide actionable management insights
  2. Digital Transformation through the creation of a quarry digital twin and stakeholder data management 
  3. Knowledge Transfer to help create and attract the next generation of quarry professionals.

Experience has shown that the approach of "make your mistakes on the computer, not in the field" can save (or add) tens of millions of dollars to the bottom line.

You can find a full list of our services, software and equipment on the Technical Services Overview page.

Sustainability insight

Autonomous, electric haul trucks will become a key part of our industry in the future. This will be a very significant change (as it has been in the mining industry) however it will only be possible if quarries commit the effort to digitalising their businesses first and employing and training the new generation of professionals needed to make the most of this technology.  

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