Know where to dig

Having a sound, well thought through quarry design is a primary factor in the success of any quarry business, playing a fundamental part in the safe and cost effective operation of your site.

In many cases, the designs we see with new clients are more in line with long-term indicative “sketches” produced for external stakeholders during the quarry approval or quarry extension approval process and are not suitable for operational use.

We can take these designs and using world-class Deswik software, work with you to ensure that they are detailed, practical designs that are achievable with the equipment and resources available.

Along with the design process, we create a Design Guidelines document that is used to record all the relevant reports and the parameters used in the design.

Services we offer

  • Life of Quarry designs
  • Quarry extraction staging plans
  • Haulroad plans
  • Waste dump plans
  • Traffic Management plans (TMP)

NB. Did you know that engineers working for Queensland based companies must be a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ) to provide engineering services? The rule applies to all persons who in their employment provide engineering services to their employer. The exception is for persons who practise under the direct supervision of an RPEQ - find out more RPEQ here.

Best Practice Tip

Generally most quarries will have a life of quarry plan and perhaps some staging plans. Generally both types of plans are a "best guess" unless they have been optimised. We have found that optimisation is great not only for overall pit shape, but to ensure that the stages are correct also (this makes a huge difference to the estimation of stripping and development).

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