Information at your fingertips

Trying to find the key data on a site can be a challenge. Despite the best of intentions, it often ends up marooned in email archives or file shares you can't access and is at best a frustrating and time consuming exercise to pull things together.

Wort of all, even if available, the information is rarely summarised, leading to problems in continuity of operation and wasted time getting new staff and other stakeholders up to speed.

This is where we pull all our work together into one, simple easy-to-access system that allows a single place to access critical data like:

  • Geological reports
  • Geotechnical reports
  • Survey information including cadastral boundaries
  • Quarry designs
  • Government licences and permits
  • Environmental reports and conditions, etc.

We can bring all this information together into a simple, secure web-based system that enables stakeholders to instantly put their finger on what they need and gain valuable new insights into the quarry and surrounding areas.

What is included in the service (but not limited to)

  • Document collaboration system chosen in conjunction with your IT department
  • Literature review to find all relevant geomining data
  • Gap analysis to determine what data may be missing and help determine how to resolve this e.g. ensuring appropriate pit design parameters, haulroad widths etc
  • Data summarised into our Design Guidelines document format
  • Links added to drone data platform access (e.g. Trimble Stratus\Propeller)
  • Links added to provide geological model access
  • Links added to provide access to our Knowledge Base
  • Data could also include geological solids/volumes, drill hole data (PDF), Drill hole photographs, links to drill hole database, links to geological model view.

Best Practice Tip

Your data can be accessed securely over the web. It is a great tool to ensure relevant stakeholders have a full picture of what it is you are doing and why. 

This is a great way to inform local landholders, government officials, employees and senior management about what you are doing, how things fit together and what things will look like in the future.

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