Have confidence in the delivery of your plan

Having a practical, easy to follow Quarry Operating Plan (QOP) helps give you confidence that your plan will become a reality. It can also make a significant impact on your bottom line - clients regularly tell us that this service saves approx. $0.50/t off their extraction costs.

Company auditors and regulators love them too!

Your QOP is your guide to how best to achieve the overall goals set, fully appreciating that plans can change, often at a moment's notice as a result of unforeseen weather, equipment failure, changing client requirements and absenteeism.

QOP's tend to run either quarterly or six monthly.

After the whole of site drone flight for the period, we update the topography in the schedule to ensure that we have a correct surface to schedule from, and reconcile actual performance against what was planned.

We then seek input from all the stakeholders and create a plan that takes into account the following factors:

  • Sales plan
  • Safety
  • Geotechnical
  • Environmental and Climatic considerations
  • Stormwater management
  • Dewatering
  • Infrastructure
  • Traffic management
  • Drill and Blast (if appropriate)
  • Development actions
  • Production actions
  • Survey requirements
  • Design requirements
  • Alignment with long term plan
  • Reconciliation with the previous QOP

What's included in the service

Each planning period (e.g. quarterly or six monthly), we work with the site personnel to:

  • Update the current survey
  • Carry out a reconciliation of what was achieved vs. what was planned
  • Prepare the next quarry development plan
  • Ground truth the plan with stakeholders
  • Get agreement from stakeholders on the plan
  • Provide needed drawings and 3D models to ensure the plan is adequately communicated to all stakeholders

Best Practice Tip

A QOP works best when all key stakeholders participate e.g. Ops Mgr, Quarry Mgr, Site supervisor, Drill & Blast Mgr, Sales Mgr and Quality Mgr.

Having all these people in the process will give your plan the best chance of success as all key stakeholders have input.

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