Manage by exception

Are you buried in data and don't have the time to make sense of it? We can help.

Using a value driver tree methodology to ensure that the key "levers" that are important to your operation are clearly presented, we put in place Quarry Operational Performance systems that collect needed data and present it in a simple, manage by exception form - i.e, if the data is within range, don't show it, only present things that need attention, all the while ensuring that when you do need to drill down into the data, it's at your fingertips.

We believe that any system of this type needs to be agnostic - i.e. it can "talk" to any other system to ensure that you are not locked in to one specific vendor and in our experience, the best system available is the Connected Quarry Performance solution.

Connected Quarry Performance provides an integrating software layer which brings together data from disparate, incompatible and sometimes proprietary third-party systems.  This enables you to easily measure, manage and optimise your operations in near-real-time, from a local, regional, and corporate perspective.

By correlating key sources of raw data and applying business rules, validation and combined data warehousing, Connected Quarry Performance successfully transforms raw data into vital information helping to drive business decisions.

Our systems have at their core a strong, flexible and genuinely global database model that is not constrained by language, time zones, unit of measure, currency, organisational structure or commodity.


Connected Quarry Performance contains modules that correspond to the primary disciplines of an operation, including:

  • Production
  • Drill and Blast
  • Product Tracking
  • Consumables
  • Budgets and Plans

Services we offer

  • Scoping
  • Implementation
  • Training
  • Support

Connected Quarry Performance can be installed on-premise or as a cloud-based subscription. Dashboards are available for desktop, laptop and iPad.


We work with Information Alignment on the  installation, configuration and support of their Connected Quarry Performance solution

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