Support, when you need it

Getting access to effective quarry technical support when you need it can be difficult in any organisation (large or small), much less finding people who are focussed on quarry operations and all that entails.

Aa annual support contract is a good way to bring everything we do together into one simple, easy to administer agreement.

Once we agree on the scope, you pay an agreed monthly fee. This is a simple, predictable operational cost and ensures that you have on-call access to our team of surveyors, geologists, geotechnical and mining engineers and we manage all the different software licences on your behalf.

Services we offer 

An annual support contract might include any of our services, but generally includes:

No matter what level of service you require, we can help.

Best Practice Tip

One of the lessons we learnt early on was to create a summary of all the key site data - we call this Design Guidelines. This ensures that anyone on the team can be quickly brought up to speed on a specific site and ensures continuity in design and approaches.

As part of this, we also have clearly defined file naming structures and data storage conventions to ensure consistency. 

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