Post extraction solutions

The calculation of rehabilitation bonds and the creation of closure plans are becoming all the more difficult as regulators tighten the rules in these area.

Our rehabilitation services are based on best in class landform re-shaping software that can automatically determine cut and fill balance to minimise material movement.

It can also determine what material should be dozer push and what will need to be moved by excavator and truck - all this adds up to fast, cost effective and accurate assessment of rehabilitation requirements.

Our staff are experienced in rehabilitation bond calculation and closure plans and will work with you to determine the best possible plan and how to present it.

We also have experience in creating quarry designs optimised for re-use by landfill operators.

Services we offer

  • Rehabilitation bond assessment
  • Ongoing rehabilitation planning
  • Closure plans
  • Quarry re-purposing
  • Conversion of quarry pits to landfill

Best Practice Tip

Trying to work out cut and fill balances for landform reshaping can be very difficult to do manually. We use software that can automate this process to speed things up and improve the result.

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