Strategy based on market and resource knowledge

How do you ensure that the new quarry (or extension) that you are planning is designed to maximise the NPV return on your investment?

Better still, how do you strategically plan multiple quarries, all in different stages of their lifecycle to maximise their NPV based on changing market conditions?

Quarry resource optimisation - single quarry

Determining the most economic pit is not something you should leave to chance or guess at and should be part of any quarry feasibility study.

This is especially important when you are submitting a design to a regulator and are going to be held to that design - you want it to be right the first time!

We have the tools to optimise the pit design and stages based on geological, operational, financial and market parameters. These factors are used to evaluate millions of different options and ensures that effective sensitivity analysis has been conducted.

Whether it is one pit, or you want to know how best to sequence and develop a cluster of pits, we have the technology and experience to help you greatly improve the accuracy of your strategic planning.

Network resource optimisation - multiple quarries

Based on resource, market and operational inputs, we can show you how these variables impact your bottom line, where and when to invest your capital (and how much) and what to do if the market changes.

We use state of the art software that is simple to interpret, provides an optimisation of each resource within a cluster and can then schedule all of them simultaneously to determine the best outcomes against changing variables of cost and market.

Best of all, this approach provides the tactical inputs to actual site planning to ensure that strategic plans become a tactical reality.

Services we offer

  • Network optimisation
  • Single pit NPV optimisation
  • Staging plans

Want to know more about the theory of resource optimisation?

Best Practice Tip

We regularly see pit shells that have been submitted to regulators that are operationally difficult (and in some cases impossible) and have not been optimised to ensure maximum NPV.

Don't settle for 2D drawings of pit designs or designs that have not been optimised.

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