As good as a crystal ball

Can we meet our budget and production targets?

Without a detailed scheduling model that takes into account the quarry development, equipment, weather and resource constraints, answering these questions with certainty can be difficult.

To build such a model, we take your production targets, geological data, quarry design/stages, equipment parameters and work to identify the most cost effective, practical extraction sequence.

Where appropriate, we can also add haulage simulation and dumping to your scheduling model - this enables you to plan not only the extraction, but also the movement of overburden into dumps. This approach ensures that there is a clear understanding of the amount of material to be moved, where it will go and the equipment required to move it over the defined haul routes.

This approach works well when it is used in conjunction with annual budgeting or in conjunction with major project requirements or feasibility studies.

Our fully integrated Deswik design and scheduling system allows us to provide fast, robust and auditable schedules.

The beauty of this approach is that it allows allow you to test different options and "make your mistakes on the computer".

Services we offer

  • Life of quarry schedules (>3 yrs)
  • Medium term schedules (1-3 yrs)
  • Short term schedules (<1 yr)
Haulage simulation
  • Dump design
  • Scheduling of materials to dump
  • Determination of load and haul fleet requirements
Schedule Reconciliation
  • Actual cut/fill per period vs. planned

Best Practice Tip

Effective quarry scheduling allows you to play "what if?". By this we mean, you can determine what amount of overburden will need to be shifted and when, what the likely extraction rates are based on available resources and if you can meet the requirements of large one-off contracts. It is an invaluable way to understand and predict what will happen in your quarry before it happens.

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