We believe that the effective management of the “rock or sand warehouse” of a quarry requires a very clear idea of what inventory you have, where it is in the quarry, how to access it and what can be cost effectively produced from it. In essence, it is an inventory management exercise, with the difference being that nature has “warehoused” the stock.

The purpose of this service is to provide an, end-to-end geomining technical service for an affordable monthly fee that helps site management make the best possible use of the natural resource they are entrusted with in such a way as to reduce costs and increase viability.

The Digital Quarry service comes in three levels and is comprised of the following elements (click on the orange links to find out more):


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This is a detailed, hands on service where we are actively involved in site operations.
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This is a very detailed, "hands-on" service including "what-if" analysis and assessment.
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Advanced offering + the following:

"What-if" scheduling

Schedule reconciliation


Quarry design

Haulage simulation

Inventory management

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Frequently Asked Questions

You give a per/month price, how long do we need to commit for?

There is often a lot of work to do in the first year.  We help you by spreading this cost out over a 12 month period. As such, you need to commit to a 12 month contract.

Will I pay the same price in subsequent years?

In many cases, the monthly price you pay after year 1 will drop to reflect the fact that the major work effort to set up models is complete.

You are an Australian based company, do you service other countries?

Absolutely. Our primary markets are Australia, New Zealand, North America and Europe, however we have significant experience in the Middle East, India and Asia.

How do I know what the best service is for my site?

We work with you to determine exactly what you want to improve in your operations and tailor a package to your specific site requirements.

In general, the items noted under the "What's Included" section are mandatory with optional items added as appropriate.

Can we change packages during the term?

You can add services to your package. If so, the cost of the additional service will be pro-rated to the end of the 12 month term.

Once a service is added and delivered, it must be paid for through to end of term.

If for some reason we mutually agree to terminate the agreement, 50% of the remaining balance is due immediately.