We fly, or you fly...

This is the second element of our Quarry Support service.

Drones are useful in being able to help provide low cost, relatively accurate survey that can be used to determine stockpile volumes and provide inputs for quarry planning and design.

Our experience is that once a site becomes more familiar with the use of drone services, the frequency of flight increases and that where external parties are involved, this becomes a significant cost.

Based on this, we believe a system whereby we set up flight plans and ground control and whereby the site owns a cost effective drone and controls the flying plus frequency, is a more valid approach than us performing the flights for you.

This said, you have two options: have us set up the ground control, flight plans and systems and then you fly yourself or have us fly the site for you.

What is included in the service

If you want us to fly your site:

  1. Access to an enterprise drone flight planning, analysis and visualisation platform.
  2. One (1) site licence that allows full access to all drone planning and analysis processes.
  3. View only access for an unlimited number of authorised users.
  4. Quarterly flights and uploads.
  5. Stockpile management reporting system.
  6. A User Guide detailing how to use the drone system.

What is not included (but can be supplied at additional cost):

If you want to fly your own site (upload as many flights as you want, no fee per upload):

  1. A drone and flight controller (we currently recommend the DJI Phantom 4 Pro).
  2. Permanent ground control points.
  3. Setup of flight plans and maintenance of flight logs for compliance purposes.
  4. Training on ground control point setup to ensure accuracy of data.
  5. Remote telephone and email support for site drone services.
  6. Stockpile management reporting system setup and training.

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Best Practice Tip - Drones

Despite there being far more capable drones available, did you know that the majority of quarry surveys are conducted with the DJI Phantom 4 series of drones?

We find these a simple, rugged and reliable choice that produce a great result.

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