Know where and where not to dig...

This is the fifth element of our Quarry Support service.

Having a sound, well thought through quarry design is a primary factor in the success of any quarry business, playing a fundamental part in the safe and cost effective operation of your site.

In many cases, the designs we see with new clients are more in line with long-term indicative “sketches” produced for external stakeholders during the quarry approval or quarry extension approval process and are not suitable for operational use.

We take these designs and using world-class Deswik mining software, work with you to ensure that they are detailed, practical designs that are achievable with the equipment and resources available.

What is included in the service

  1. Determine if the quarry is within the extraction and clearing boundaries.
  2. Review and adjust batter angles, face heights and berm widths as necessary.
  3. Review and adjust haulroad width and grade as necessary.
  4. Ensure that geotechnical and geological factors are considered.
  5. Ensure that environmental issues such as water catchment and runoff are considered and the design adjusted as needed.

What is not included (but can be supplied at additional cost)

  1. Quarry resource optimisation.
  2. Provision of a quarry design where none existed previously.

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Pit design

Best Practice Tip - Reserves

Having a detailed quarry design that considers all the relevant limiting factors can result in a clear understanding of the value of the material on your site and help your balance sheet and capital planning.

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