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This is the seventh element of our Quarry Support service.

Having a practical, easy to follow Quarry Operations Plan (QOP) helps bring all the elements together.

This plan is your guide to how best to achieve the overall goals set, fully appreciating that plans can change, often at a moment's notice as a result of unforeseen weather, equipment failure, changing client requirements and absenteeism.

Each quarter, after the drone flight for that period, we update the topography in the schedule to ensure that we have a correct surface to schedule from, and reconcile actual performance against what was planned.

By seeking input from all stakeholders, we then create a plan that takes into account the following factors:

  1. Summary of recommended actions
  2. Sales plan
  3. Safety
  4. Geotechnical
  5. Environmental and Climatic considerations
  6. Stormwater management
  7. Dewatering
  8. Infrastructure
  9. Traffic management
  10. Development actions
  11. Production actions
  12. Survey requirements
  13. Design requirements
  14. Alignment with long term plan
  15. Reconciliation with the previous QOP

What is included in the service

Each quarter, we work with the site personnel to:

  1. Update the current survey
  2. Carry out a reconciliation of what was achieved vs. what was planned.
  3. Prepare the next quarry development plan.
  4. Ground truth the plan with stakeholders.
  5. Get agreement from stakeholders on the plan.
  6. Provide needed drawings and 3D models to ensure the plan is adequately communicated to all stakeholders.

What is not included (but can be supplied at additional cost)

  1. Key site personnel must be available to the QOP process at the agreed time. Where this is not the case waiting time applies.
  2. A0 laminated plots and plans.

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Best Practice Tip - Reconciliation

Using our Deswik software, we can quickly create a visual reconciliation of how the site performed during the period - what was quarried that should have been, what was not quarried that should have been etc.

This helps to ensure that there is a clear understanding by management of deviation from plan with the opportunity to then determine whether this was the result of changed circumstances, poor planning or a quarry manager "going off the reservation".

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