As good as a crystal ball...

This is the sixth element of our Quarry Support service.

It can be quite easy to look at a quarry operation and determine the year ahead, but what about two, three or more years ahead? What impact might a large sales contract have on the site and should we take it on and at what volume?

Without a detailed scheduling model that takes into account the quarry development, equipment, weather and calendar constraints, answering these questions with certainty can be difficult. Our fully integrated Deswik design and scheduling system allows us to provide fast, robust and auditable schedules.

What is included in the service

  1. A detailed, auditable scheduling model of the current operation that takes into account:
    • Rock types
    • Yield
    • Quarrying sequence
    • Environmental and climatic considerations
    • Quarry working hours and annual calendar
    • Equipment and resources.
  2. A 3D animated visualisation of quarry sequence.
  3. A detailed report showing what material can be produced each month, quarter
    and year out to quarry completion.

What is not included (but can be supplied at additional cost)

  1. Once the initial model and production scenario are modelled and validated,
    additional scenarios can be created quickly and accurately (usually 4-8 hours
    per scenario).
  2. Detailed haulage simulation can be added to your scheduling model. This takes into account planned haul routes, movement of material from the pit to crusher and into stockpiles and dumps. Equipment hours, fuel burn and cost per tonne estimates are created for each scenario, enabling highly detailed activity based costing of different scenarios.
  3. Reconciliation of actual to planned movement can be conducted at the end of each scheduling period. This ensures that there is a clear picture of what was supposed to be move and was/wasn't and what wasn't supposed to be moved and was.

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Best Practice Tip - "What if?"

Effective quarry scheduling allows you to play "what if?". By this we mean, you can determine what amount of overburden will need to be shifted and when, what the likely extraction rates are based on available resources and if you can meet the requirements of large one-off contracts. It is an invaluable way to understand and predict what will happen in your quarry before it happens.

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