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This is the eighth element of our Quarry Support service.

The best quarry design is nothing if it can’t be accurately transferred into the field. Our experience is that quarries don’t tend to bring in surveyors to help them, other than to establish cadastral boundaries or perhaps with royalty calculations.

Lack of survey control can result in:

  1. Quarrying outside of the approved extraction area.
  2. Not placing ramp crests in the correct place resulting in incorrect ramp grades.
  3. Not placing berms in the correct locations.
  4. Blasts incorrectly located spatially resulting in poor floor level control, toe, oversize and damage to final faces.

This service helps prevent these problems by providing your staff with a simple, low cost (a tenth of the cost of traditional systems), easy to use, high accuracy GPS rover with a web interface enabling us to send design data to you in the field and receive your data pickups, all through a cloud based interface.

This system enables a “one source of truth” repository for both our geomining professionals and yours and ensures that any design carried out from drone survey has been appropriately “ground truthed” before it is relied upon.

What is included in the service

  1. Survey device with ∓0.5m accuracy
  2. Staff and controller bracket.
  3. Ruggedised field controller.
  4. Software.
  5. Training for two site users.
  6. Support for two site users. This includes remote access to the device to provide secure, effective support - we can see your screen and take control of the device to help you.
  7. Conversion of data from design software to survey device.
  8. Data SIM for the field controller to allow connection to our cloud based service and ensure data synchronization.
  9. A User Guide detailing how to use the survey system.

What is not included (but can be supplied at additional cost)

  1. Higher accuracy levels than ∓0.5m may be available at additional cost per month.
  2. Creation of machine control files needed to ensure loading tool operators know where to dig and drill operators know where to drill.

N.B: This service is only available if the site has cellular data coverage.

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Machine control

Best Practice Tip - Survey

The future of quarrying is autonomous equipment. Fundamental building blocks needed to achieve this are good survey control and an effective design to work from - without these, autonomous operation is not possible.

By working to establish design and survey systems in your business, you are paving the way for a very different future - an autonomous one.

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