Work to design

The best quarry design is nothing if it can’t be accurately transferred into the field. Lack of quarry survey control can result in:

  • Quarrying outside of the approved extraction area.
  • Not placing ramp crests in the correct place resulting in incorrect ramp grades.
  • Not placing berms in the correct locations.
  • Blasts incorrectly located spatially resulting in poor floor level control, toe, oversize and damage to final faces.

We offer a wide range of survey services to help you meet operational and statutory requirements. 

Services we offer

  • Registered mine surveyor sign-off of plans
  • Verification and consolidation of site plans
  • Set out of designs in the field
  • Pickup of services
  • Royalty calculations

Best Practice Tip

For most things around a site, you don't need to bring in a surveyor. If you just want to check bench elevation, check on a boundary and the like, a simple GPS survey survey system will do the trick - Find out about the Cemagg Survey System and how it works.

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