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To ensure that you know what's in the ground, extract it sustainably and ensure compliance.

Services we offer

  1. Drone survey programs to understand inventory in the quarry and in stockpile
  2. Site survey services
  3. Planning and management of drilling programs
  4. Geological and geotechnical logging of core, drill hole chips or sample materials
  5. Geological modelling based on drilling, face mapping, downhole imaging, Measure While Drilling (MWD) and laboratory test data
  6. Geotechnical assessment to ensure correct pit wall geometry and safe operation through effective Ground Control Management Plans (GCMP)
  7. Geotechnical monitoring systems to provide early warning of potential problems
  8. Resource assessment to determine material types, qualities and quantities
  9. Resource optimisation based on geological, market and operations data to determine NPV optimised pit design and staging plans
  10. Resource Due diligence studies
  11. Quarry design and staging plans based on pit optimisation
  12. Detailed long term quarry extraction Schedules to allow effective “what-if” analysis
  13. Rolling Quarry Operating Plan (QOP) to effectively operate the site and reconcile actual with planned results
  14. Quarry Digital Twin to ensure there is "a single source of truth" of geospatial data for all stakeholders.
  15. Feasibility studies
  16. Advice on Machine guidance systems, creation of design files and user training
  17. Rehabilitation and closure plans and Bond calculations
  18. Royalty payment determination
  19. Fixed price Quarry Support Contracts to ensure continuity of planning and support

Best Practice Tip

There's nothing worse than the data you need either stuck in an old file share or someone's emails or worse still the victim of a clean out of old files.

We work with our clients to bring all their data together into digital formats that are securely accessible to everyone that needs them.

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